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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Mom And Kids

Mother is one who nurtures you in her womb for nine months and brings you forth to enjoy the supreme blessing on earth, that is, Life.

Mother is one who guides you through your infancy and turns the soft, helpless creature to the powerful and successful YOU. 

She is the guardian angel protecting you and supporting you, feeling for you and serving you silently always with a smile on her face.

She prides herself watching you grow and provides you a shoulder to cry on whenever you need. 

She is every child's best friend.

Teachers are strange creatures who don’t earn their pay. 

They are not to be worshiped but to be reminded often that they are no one important in our children's lives compared to their parents.

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ryewood9 said...

In our society, not only are our teaching professionals overpaid, but, they alienate our children from their parents and families by encouraging them to leave their parents and families behind and attend colleges and universities out of town in pursuit of higher education. Who asked them to put these ideas into our children's minds?

At this point in time, higher education in Canadian colleges and universities doesn't get anyone anywhere unless the person attending has higher learners in their family, in particular, teaching professionals.

I consider this to be an act of sabotage towards the family unit because it is being done knowingly and with malice on the part of the Country's teachers. Meanwhile, the children of Canada's teachers are kept close at hand by their teaching parents giving their children the upper hand psychologically and in education related matters, of course, making their children, "Well rounded and stable".

It's hell being alone out there!

This is a non-teaching, taxpaying parent's payback from their Country!

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